finally caught 1933’s The Bitter Tea of General Yen, which has got to be one of the strangest and darkest Frank Capra movies ever made!

It stars Barbara Stanwyck as a missionary in China who gets caught in the evil clutches of the title character’s hands, yellow-faced played by Nils Asther.  She wants nothing to do with the General, and he wants everything having to do with her

The movie is super creepy, especially the nightmare dream sequence [watch] Stanwyck has where a vampire-y version of the General tries to rape her, only to be saved by the General himself  

Will she ever escape or will she succumb to the General’s power?????  Maybe you should see it and find out for yourself!

Bitter Tea was the very first film to play Radio City Music Hall, opening on January 3, 1933

later that year, Capra released Lady For A Day, one of my favs!!

1933 FOREVER!!!!!